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Carthage Mills, the company that pioneered an industry, combines one of the most comprehensive lines of geosynthetic products with unparralled Customer Service, in-house Technical Support, and half-a-century of practical application experience, making it the obvious answer for all your geosynthetic needs.

Woven Geotextiles | Nonwoven Geotextiles | Geogrids | Geomembranes & Liners
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Landscape & Ground Cover Fabrics
Erosion Control Products; Still Fence; and BMP's

Woven Geotextiles

FX® Slit-Film Series

Carthage FX® Slit Film geotextiles provide immediate and cost effective solutions for everyday Separation and Stabilization and are among the most frequently used geotextiles in the industry. Read more…

  • Parking Lots; Driveways; Streets; Railways; Roadways; Storage and Staging Areas; Board Roads; Construction Site Access/Haul Road

FX® High-Performance Series (PP)

Carthage FX® High-Performance polypropylene geotextiles for Separation, Stabilization, Filtration, Containment and moderate to severe Reinforcement. Read more…

  • MSE Walls (Temporary and Permanent); Base Reinforcement; Land Reclamation; Landfill Capping/Closures; Reinforced Slopes; Roadway/Railway Construction; Dikes and Embankments on Soft Foundations; Voids Bridging; Airport Runways

FX® High-Strength Series (PET)

Carthage FX® High-Strength polyester geotextiles for the most demanding applications of Reinforcement and Confinement. Read more…

  • Embankments on Soft Soils; Voids Bridging; Waste Lagoon Closures; MSE Structures; Reinforcement Applications that require: Creep Resistance, High Tensile and Long-Term Design Strength (LTDS)

(Note: Due to the wide range of strength requirements for these fabrics, many of them are custom manufactured 'per project' and can be shipped in custom lengths.)

Carthage %™ Open Area Series of Monofilaments

Carthage _%™ Monofilament polypropylene geotextiles feature effective levels of Percent Open Area (POA) – critical for resistance to clogging thus assuring Long-Term Filtration in Drainage, Separation and Erosion Control applications. Read more…

  • Bulkheads; Subsurface Drainage Systems; Under Riprap or Concrete Revetment Systems for Channel, Shoreline and Waterway Protection; Swales; Land Reclamation; Drainage/Filtration/ Collection Systems in Landfills

Nonwoven Geotextiles

FX®-HS Series (Civil)

Carthage Mills' FX®–HS Series of nonwoven geotextiles are often times considered 'multipurpose' geotextiles as they can offer immediate and cost effective solutions for many separation, drainage, erosion control and filtration applications. Read more…

  • Subsurface Drainage Systems; Under Riprap/Hard Armor in Erosion Control; Separation under Streets, Railways, Roadways and Pavers; Swales; Filtration/Drainage in SRW and Landfill Applications; Under Athletic Fields

FX®-HSE Series (Environmental)

Carthage Mills' FX®–HSE Series of nonwoven geotextiles are specially designed for a wide variety of applications in the environmental market. They offer immediate and cost–effective solutions for many of the unique challenges found in these types of applications. Read more…

  • Landfill/Waste Collection Drainage and Filtration Systems; Geomembrane Protection; Gas Collection and Venting Systems; Liquid and/or Gas Pressure Relief Systems

FX® – A/O Series of Asphalt Overlay Fabrics

Carthage FX® – A/O nonwoven polypropylene Asphalt Overlay geotextiles for Pavement Restoration, Sealing, Stress Relief and Asphalt Adhesive Bonding. Read more…

  • Parking Lots; Highways; Streets; Airports; Bridges; Basketball Courts; Tennis Courts


GBX™ Series of Geogrids

Carthage GBX™ Series of biaxial geogrids – including Type 1 and Type 2 – are produced of polypropylene (PP) using punched and drawn technology. Read more…

  • Base Course Reinforcement in Paved/Unpaved Roads and Construction Haul Roads; Subgrade Improvement; Foundation Reinforcement; Secondary Reinforcement for Soil-Retaining Structures; Working Platforms on Weak Subgrades

GX® Series of Geogrids

Carthage GX® Geogrids are uniaxial, woven of high tenacity polyester (PET) yarns, PVC coated and provide industry leading Long–Term Design Strengths (LTDS) for Soil Reinforcement. Read more…

  • Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Reinforcement; Steepened Slopes; Landfills; Most MSE Structures (Temporary and Permanent); Dikes and Levees; Voids Bridging; Veneer Reinforcement

Geomembranes / Liners

Carthage Mills' Series of Liners / Geomembranes

Carthage Mills can provide geomembranes / liners in a variety of physical, mechanical, and chemical resistant properties designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Read more…

  • Containment Liners; Canals; Oil and Gas Exploration (hydraulic fracturing – “fracking”); Interim Landfill Covers; Reservoirs Liners; Floating Covers; Mine Tailing Ponds; Animal Waste Lagoons; Ponds, Lakes & Streams; Golf Courses

Erosion Control & Turf Reinforcement

EBX™ Series of Erosion Control Blankets

Carthage EBX™ Erosion Control Blankets are available in combinations of straw and/or coconut fibers; single or double-sided Polypropylene or Jute Netting; for Vegetation and Soil/Seed Retention in low to moderate Erosion Control applications. Read more…

  • Moderate Slopes; Low-Flow Channels

TRX™ Series of Turf Reinforcement Mats

Carthage TRX™ Turf Reinforcement Mats are a dense matrix of polypropylene (PP) fibers between netting for Reinforced Turf and immediate Erosion Control, for moderate to high–flow conditions. Read more…

  • Moderate to High–Flow Channels; Swales; Steep Slopes; Banks and Shorelines with Heavy Runoff

RVX™ Armor System

Carthage Mills' RVX™ Armor System was designed to meet the challenges of the most severe of erosion events. Its high survivability and long–term performance are the direct result of its uniquely constructed, flexible, high–performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM), with tensile strength over 2,000 lbs/ft; and aluminum alloy percussion driven anchors. Read more…

  • Armoring and Vegetation of Earthen Levees; Shorelines of Large Bodies of Moving Water; Steep Slopes (=0.25H:1V); Most Any Severe Erosion Application requiring Surface Armoring and Aesthetics; where Long–Term Design Performance is Critical; and Access may be Limited

Filter Bags

FBX™ Series of Filter Bags

Carthage Mills' FBX™ Filter Bags are designed to trap silt, sand and other sediment fines from construction sites before they can do damage to the environment; and to assist the contractor with an economical means of avoiding the costly clean–up of storm water systems (i.e. Site Dewatering and Sediment Containment).
Read more…

  • Removal of dirty/muddy water from low-lying areas around construction sites; Dewatering of ponds and lakes; Draining trenches around pipelines and during municipal water/sewer line repair; Around building Foundations; Highway and Marine construction

Cellular Confinement

CX™ and CXW™ Series of Geocells

Carthage CX™ Geocells of 100% recycled HDPE, come in a wide range of cell depths and provide Containment, Erosion/Slope Protection, Soil Retention and Load Support.

Carthage CXW™ – 30 Geocells are for construction of solid-face Retaining Walls.
Read more…

  • Load Support for Roadways and Access Lanes over Unstable Soils; Solid and Vegetated Retaining Walls; Green Roofs; Vegetated or Stone Filled Slope Protection; Vegetated, Stone or Concrete Filled Channel Revetments

Landscape & Ground Cover Fabrics

LX™ Woven/Capped & Landscape Fabrics

Carthage FX® – WC Landscape Fabrics are woven slit–film, Hi–UV resistant, polypropylene geotextiles with polypropylene fibers needle–punched into the fabric (woven/capped) for Increased Friction with Mulch and Weed Prevention. Read more…

  • Professional–Grade Applications; Weed Control

LX™ Geoscape® Landscape Fabrics

Carthage Geoscape® Landscape Fabrics are spunbond of continuous 100% polyester fibers for Mulch Retention and Weed Prevention. Read more…

  • Mulch/Soil Separation; Weed Control; Patio/Paver Underlayment; Drainage Filter

LX™ High–UV Ground Cover Fabrics

Carthage LX™ – GC Hi–UV Ground Cover Fabrics with marker yarns every 12" for Separation, Plant Alignment, Weed Control, Filtration, Sun & Wind Protection, Foot-Traffic Areas. Read more…

  • Retail Nursery Displays; Clean Foot-Traffic and Display Areas; Weed Control; Protective Cover of Bulk Materials